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‘Cause Every Mom’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Baby

Posted by CDB Guest on 9/24/2010 to Sales & Specials

This week we noted on our very active Facebook page (Have you "liked" us yet? Really, really liked us?) that bumGenius! is preparing to come out with new designs for their awesome diapers. It turns out that these offerings are going to be part of an "Artist's Series" to debut in a video on October 5th, with shipping expected in November. We have to admit, the idea of an artistic selection of diapers intrigues us, and all this week speculation here has kicked around possibilities of diapers emblazoned with colorful, Jackson Pollock-style splashes to Mona Lisa's bemused smile on the back of a baby's bum. One of our bloggers even spent twenty minutes in Google Images, swearing up and down Andy Warhol had done a painting of a Pampers box. Apparently not, however - it appears Andy stuck to pop art rather than baby poop.

So we put the question out there - what sort of prints would a mom like to see on new cloth diapers? We appreciated the response (and you can still opine over there), and what we found amazing was the implied consensus that there may not be enough variety in boy-themed designs in the cloth diaper kingdom. Sure, when you shop for cloth diapers you'll find there are many neutral colors to select and some that would be considered "masculine," but one of our bloggers remarked that even prints - regardless of what they are - may tend to look more natural on a girl baby. Perhaps this observation comes by virtue of belief that women are more fashion-minded? Is it because the majority of diaper cover designers are women? Who can say, but as we read through the comments and wishes for more "boy" diapers it got us thinking about what would make for a good boy-print cloth diaper. We heard all sorts of fantastic suggestions - pirates, tractors, race cars...I'm sure if somebody came out with cloth diaper covers featuring favorite NFL and NASCAR logos some dads may be more inclined to do the changing!

What designs are on your wish list? Would you buy prints geared specifically for boy babies, or stick with the solid colors?