Why Cloth Diaper?

Why choose cloth diapers?

Families choose cloth diapers for a variety of reasons. From cost savings to environmental concerns, the decision to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers is an important one.

Here are some of the many reasons to choose cloth diapers:

Comfort - Avoid chemicals, fragrances and plastics commonly found in disposables and choose the most comfortable option, cloth! Fleece, cotton, bamboo viscose, microfiber and velour are just some of the textiles you'll find in today's cloth diapers. Babies, especially those with sensitive skin, will be comfortable, happy and dry!

Cost Savings - Cloth diapers can save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of disposables on your first child. Save those cloth diapers for future children and you could end up saving thousands. Combine these savings with the fact that well cared for diapers can be re-sold and the the savings are even greater.

Ease of use - If cloth diapering seemed complicated and you've been avoiding them because you were afraid of the traditional pins and plastic pants, never fear! Cloth diapers have come a long way. Modern cloth diapers have innovative features created in order to make them easy to use. Snaps, velcro, sewn-in absorbency and one-size styles make the decision to use cloth an easy one!

Health - Studies show that our exposure to chemicals and environmental toxins is cumulative. Many parents are taking this into consideration when it comes to choosing a diapering method, baby care products and more. There's no denying cloth diapers contain less chemicals than disposables and therefore can reduce your child's exposure to unhealthy toxins.

Environment - Disposable diapers have an enormous environmental impact. Just one cloth diaper change per day can save 365 disposable diapers from your city's local landfill. Families enjoy using cloth and knowing that they're doing their best to help make our planet a greener place.

Community - The cloth diapering community provides support like no other. Whether you're on the fence, cloth diapering part-time or exclusively, you'll find support and friendship everywhere in the form of Facebook Pages, Groups, Forums, Blogs and locally.