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Why Choose a Wool Diaper Cover

Posted by Bridget on 1/7/2010 to Getting Started

In winter, you need as much warmth for your baby as possible, especially when you take him or her out in the cold. One way you can add a little warmth if you are a cloth diaper user is with something called a wool diaper cover. Yes, they make cloth diaper covers in wool.

Wool is obviously a very warm material, so there is no doubt that a wool diaper cover would be very warm. And of course they are very warm. Wool is a fabric that keeps people very warm without being very thick at all. Parents like them for this reason. They can slip a wool diaper cover on their baby over the diaper and then put on the clothes with the assurance that their baby will be plenty warm even in cold weather.

If you use wool diaper covers for your baby, you will no doubt want them to actually work as diaper covers as well. Wool works for this. Because of how wool fabric is made, it is a very water-resistant material. That is why it is common for winter coats as well. If you use a wool diaper cover, you never have to worry about leaks because moisture won’t leak through this material.

There is an additional advantage to wool diaper covers as well. Even though the wool diaper cover is very warm for a baby, there is not near the risk of diaper rash overnight that there would be with materials such as plastic used as diaper covers. They allow the skin to breathe much better even though they are very water-resistant and warm. This is a major advantage for parents of babies because there are no worries of rash or leaks, which is a very hard thing to find with diaper covers of any kind.

If you are taking your baby out in the cold and are a cloth diaper user, then you will no doubt want to choose a wool cloth diaper cover. Not only does it keep the baby very warm, but it also holds in moisture and lets the baby’s skin breathe.