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What to Do With Old Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 1/7/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

The best thing about cloth diapers is that if they are cared for properly, they will last up to a year in some cases without having to purchase more. And after that, you don’t just have to toss old cloth diapers in the trash. Here are some ways to make use of your old cloth diapers so you don’ have to throw them out.

It is great how long cloth diapers last. Some of the higher quality ones, when they are well taken care of, will last your baby up to a year with regular use. It is not until this point that your cloth diapers will begin to wear through. When they get to this point, the old cloth diapers are no longer useful for the babies because they will begin to get holes, etc. You can still use your old cloth diapers, though. One of the most common uses for old cloth diapers that are purchased is as burp rags for babies. This way, you won’t have to mess up nice blankets whenever your baby spits up and you get prevent getting it all over anything else. It saves money on burp rags, too, which many parents go through quite quickly. It isn’t quite a bit of money saved, but it is a bit of money saved.

Another common use for old cloth diapers after the baby has been potty trained is for dust rags. People always need extra dust rags, so these are always a great thing to have around the house. This is especially true for families with kids because there are always spills around the house. You can even use them out in the garage if you have a man in the house that likes to do mechanical work or some other kind of craftsman work.

You never have to throw away old cloth diapers if they are not usable any more for any reason. You can use old cloth diapers in a variety of ways around your home if you have purchased them and they are no longer able to be used as diapers.