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What is a Diaper Doubler? Do I Need One?

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

If you have researched cloth diapers at all, you may have heard something mentioned called a diaper doubler. if you wondered to yourself “what is a diaper doubler? Do I need one?” then you are in luck. Here you will find out all about these great little accessories for diapers.

What is a diaper doubler? Do I need one? The first part of this thought is of course what a diaper doubler actually is. These great little items are cloth inserts that you can attach to a diaper to make the middle of the diaper twice as thick. Diaper doublers are used during the night to keep your baby dry, even if your baby wets himself or herself quite a bit. There will be no worry of a mess in the morning, which is a major relief for the parent as well as the baby in some cases. Nobody likes to wake up all wet after all.

What is a diaper doubler? Do I need one? If you are wondering if you actually need a diaper doubler, then the answer depends solely on your baby. If you are cloth diapering your baby, of course this will be more likely, but you can still easily find out if you actually need a diaper doubler for your baby during the night or not with a few simple answers. Does your baby wet himself or herself through the diaper on a regular basis during the night to the point where he or she is waking up cranky and soaked? Does the mess get onto the baby’s clothes or onto the mattress of the crib where he or she sleeps? Is your baby unable to get a full night’s rest because of a need for changing the diaper in order to prevent such a mess? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may need a diaper doubler.

What is a diaper doubler? Do I need one? Diaper doublers can be very useful, but whether you actually need them with cloth diapers depend solely on your baby and the mess her or she makes during the night.