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What are Fitted Diapers?

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Getting Started

Many people are interested in cloth diapering their babies and run across something called fitted diapers. This is a great invention by cloth diaper makers. What are fitted diapers? These are cloth diapers that are very advantageous to parents of the squirmiest babies because they are just what they are called – fitted.

What are fitted diapers? Fitted cloth diapers are diapers that don’t have to be folded around to fit the baby. They have elastic and molding already so that they go right around the baby’s legs and waist, ensuring that they diaper won’t come loose or move around on the baby.

The advantage of this is obvious. If your baby is really squirmy, a regular cloth prefold may not be a very good option because as he or she rolls around and crawls all over, the diaper could slide and come undone a little. This is a major problem if a mess is made. You will end up having to change not only your baby’s diaper, but his entire outfit as well. What are fitted diapers? They are obviously incredibly useful cloth diapers that are made to look and fit just like disposable diapers with all of the advantages of cloth diapers. There are many different kinds and different sizes of these and some are even adjustable. Some even have new diaper systems that are actually easier to change than even disposable diapers.

You are probably already thinking that disposable diapers already have fitting around the legs and the waist of them. But, if you have ever used disposable diapers, you know that this is not the same real elastic that is in cloth diapers. The elastic that holds fitted diapers into place is much more dependable, so there won’t be any leaking or any sagging in these diapers.

What are fitted diapers? They are wonderful diapers that are great for the squirmiest of babies. They fit right around the legs and waist so that there is no movement or sagging that could cause a leak. They do so even better than disposable diapers that are fitted around the legs and waist.