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Wet or Dry – Cloth Diaper Pails Explained

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

If you are cloth diapering your baby, you will have to have a diaper pail in which to store your cloth diapers until it is time to throw some of them in the wash. After all, you can’t just throw soiled diapers in your dirty clothes basket. There are two types of cloth diaper pails. This article contains the info: wet or dry – cloth diaper pails explained.

The first part of wet or dry – cloth diapers explained is of course the wet pails. Wet diaper pails are filled with a liquid that will clean them out a little before it is time to put them in the wash. Usually, the diaper maker has a recommended liquid that you should put in the sealed diaper pail.

If you use a wet diaper pail, then part of wet or dry – cloth diapers explained will offer you a couple words of warning as well. Don’t use bleach in your wet cloth diaper pail. And make sure that they pail is small enough to pick up and empty every day or every other day.

The second part of wet or dry – cloth diapers explained is the dry pail. These pails are not sealed. They are simply pails with lids where you store your soiled diapers until they are washed. You can use a trash can with a lid for this if you like.

If you use dry pails, you will have to empty them just about every day in order to not let the odor build up. You may also have to use some sort of odor reducer. Of course, you will have to have liners for these as well. You can use plastic bags as liners, but remember to throw these away every time you empty the pail so that odor does not build up. There are two kinds of diaper pails in wet or dry – cloth diaper pails explained. Both have their advantages, and you can use either one of them or both if you like. Make sure that you know the best way to approach both of these and care for the diapers that you put in them. Wet or dry – cloth diaper pails explained can help you with this process.