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Types of Pail Liners

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
If you are cloth diapering your baby, you most likely are using a cloth diaper pail to store your diapers until you are ready to wash them. One type of cloth diaper pail that you can use is a dry diaper pail. If you are using a dry diaper pail, then you no doubt have to have a diaper pail liner. Dry diaper pails are a very common type of cloth diaper pail where the diapers are stored until it is time to wash them. Usually, they are changed and washed every other day at the least. Most people will empty and wash their cloth diapers daily. When you have a dry diaper pail, a diaper pail liner is necessary to keep the odor down and not get any mess from the diaper on the pail itself. There are two kinds of diaper pail liner that you can use for your dry diaper pail. The first of these is a simple plastic disposable bag. Depending on the size of the pail itself, your diaper pail liner could be something as simple as a Wal-Mart bag or a trash bag. These will of course have to be changed whenever you empty the diaper pail, though. They are not reusable.

There is a type of reusable diaper pail liner, though, specifically made for dry cloth diaper pails. You can get these wherever cloth diaper supplies are sold, and they are usually made of a material such as nylon. You can wash these and reuse them quite a few times. They are a little more expensive than just getting a plastic bag, but you don’t have to throw them away near as often, so it is a little less wasteful, which is often a concern of people that are using cloth diapers in the first place.

When you are cloth diapering, you may want a dry diaper pail with a diaper pail liner in which to store your soiled diapers until it is wash time. The two types of cloth diaper pail liner that you can get are outlined in this article so you can decide which you want to get.