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Switch to Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/10/2013 to Green Living

Today, more and more people are becoming concerned with the environment, and with their finances as well because of the state of the economy. One great way for parents of babies to save money and do something great for the environment is to switch to the cloth diaper. There are many advantages to making a switch like this.

Unlike a disposable diaper, a baby cloth diaper is made of a washable and re-usable cloth material that can be adjusted to fit your baby just right. You change the diaper and don’t throw it away. Instead, you put it in a storage bin until wash time comes. This is a great process that has many advantages.

The baby cloth diaper has many advantages, the biggest of which is that you are not throwing away diaper after diaper every day. If you are a mother or a parent of a baby, or even if you just have had some experience with babies, you know how many times a day you have to change a baby’s diaper. That is a lot of garbage each and every single day. You save all of this waste by switching to the baby cloth diaper.

When you switch to the baby cloth diaper, another great advantage is the price. When you get to reuse something it is no longer a consumable thing. The money you spend gets to be reused and not just thrown away.

Diapers in general are expensive. Most people go through $20 a week at the very least in disposable diapers. When you pay for cloth diapers, you make one large payment and just get small pieces as you need to replace things. This is a great alternative to wasting money every single week on disposable diapers.

If you want to be a little more environmentally conscious and save yourself a little money, then a great thing to do is make the switch to the baby cloth diaper. There are many advantages to the baby cloth diaper instead of the disposable diaper. Two of the biggest are the price and the lack of waste you will throw away.