Stash Cash

Earn FREE DIAPERS with Stash Cash!

Please note we are discontinuing our rewards program

- March 30th - Last day to *EARN* points from your orders.
- April 15th - Last day to redeem gift certificates from your points.


Stash Cash is our own brand of currency here at Diaper Junction! Earn Stash Cash to spend towards the purchase of your favorite cloth diapers, diaper covers, and other cloth diapering accessories here at Diaper Junction - the same as you would a coupon, gift certificate, or your own hard-earned money!

How Do You Get Stash Cash?

100 points = $10.00
200 points = $20.00
300 points = $30.00
400 points = $40.00
500 points = $50.00
600 points = $60.00
700 points = $70.00
800 points = $80.00
900 points = $90.00
1000 points = $100.00

Stash Cash Program Information

Earned points are redeemed for Stash Cash to be used on a future purchase. Stash Cash cannot be applied to previous or pending orders.

Once points are redeemed, you will receive an automatic email that contains your redemption code.(in gift certificate form)

Stash Cash redemption codes are sent to customer via email.

Stash Cash earned from point redemption expire (1) year after issuance date. Stash Cash received from special purchases or offers may have alternate rules and expiration date. Please check the website for advertised rules and expiration date or contact us for this information.

Stash Cash and/or earned points are not transferable, nor are they redeemable for cash, credit, or to be used as back-credit on previous purchases made at Diaper Junction.

Stash Cash redemptions do not earn reward points.

*Gift Certificate purchase or redemption do not earn reward points.

Points are credited to your account AFTER your payment has completed.

Diaper Junction reserves the right to revise or discontinue the Stash Cash program at any time.

How do I know how many points I've earned?

Following each purchase, your Stash Cash points are tallied and saved under your account.

To view or redeem points for Stash Cash, login to your account using the white "My Account" text link found in the blue header across all pages of our website, and look for the "MY STASH CASH POINTS" tab on your account page. This section displays your total points. When you are ready to redeem these points click the "Redeem" link to view the Stash Cash you can purchase with your points.

Quick Get Your Stash Cash Shortcuts

Stash Cash program updated 3/15/19