Planet Wise

Planet Wise Wet Bag - Diaper Pail Liner Hanging Wet/Dry Bags

Planet Wise Wet Bag and Wet/Dry Bags are produced by Planet Wise, Inc., a privately owned company run by husband and wife team, Jesse and Nicki Maynard. Together they work to create and distribute high quality, PVC-free and lead-free products in an environmentally responsible manner.

Planet Wise's desire to support the local economy, reduce environmental impact and keep their prices affordable for all cloth diapering families, is apparent throughout the construction of the Hanging Wet/Dry Bag and their other designs, including cloth diapering accessories such as their, Diaper Pail Liner and the Cloth Wipes Pouch.

All the Wet Bags can be used beyond the cloth diapering years. Great for children of all ages as well as adults, use them to carry cosmetics, swimsuits and gym clothes. Made from USA-made materials as often as possible, Planet Wise products are packaged with, and printed on, recycled paper using soy-based ink.

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