Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer
Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer
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Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer

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Your cloth diaper dunking days are over the minute you invest in the new Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer. Easily installed and even easier to use, you will wonder why you waited so long!

PLEASE NOTE This item ships directly to you from the manufacturer, not from our warehouse.

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PLEASE NOTE This item ships directly to you from the manufacturer, not from our warehouse.

The Aquaus 360 Cloth Diaper Sprayer Easily Rinses Soiled Cloth Diapers

Don't want to dunk your cloth diapers to clean off baby's messes? With the Aquaus Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer will never have to "do the dunk" before tossing your baby's soiled diapers into the cloth diaper pail. Attached to the back side and wall of your toilet, this mini jet, multiple hole sprayer can take on even the biggest messes with ease.

Made with an all brass, chrome-plated t-connector and pressure control valve, the Aquaus Diaper Sprayer has a long lasting ceramic core valve to improve performance and durability!

The Aquaus diaper sprayer also includes a new StayFlex 54" long, stainless steel, high-pressure spray hose. The Patent pending StayFlex spray hose remains totally flexible under pressure. StayFlex hose has the perfect spray pressure for easily rinsing cloth diapers while being only 10.5mm round making it the smallest diameter stainless steel sprayer hose ever made. StayFlex hose is also double crimped on both ends, which protects the high-pressure braided polymer inner hose from tampering or being damaged. StayFlex hose has a burst rating of 325 psi, which is over 4 times the average home pressure.

Easily Connect Aquaus Diaper Sprayer to Your Toilet

Other diaper sprayers are cumbersome and cluttered; they have long hoses that must connect from the wall stop valve to the flusher threads of the toilet tank (with the t-connector/shut off valve in between). Not an ideal set up when trying to turn the pressure valve off and on. In addition, to install the hanging brackets on other styles of sprayers you either have to drill holes in the wall or use double-sided tape on the side of the tank.

The Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer EASILY INSTALLS because it connects directly to the flusher threads of the toilet tank, creating a stable connection and making it easier to turn the pressure control valve off with just one hand. The hanging bracket hooks and hangs from the side of the toilet tank; no drilling holes into the wall and no messy tape on the tank is required!

You Don't Need a Plumber!

Like we said above, this is an easily installation and a plumber is absolutely unnecessary. The commode adapter simply screws onto the flushers threads on the bottom of the toilet tank - right where the water line connects.

Adjust the water pressure coming out of the multi-hole jet spray with the pressure control valve settings. Though the 360 Diaper Sprayer Wand's hose and quick-connect fittings are specifically designed for industrial high-pressure uses (rated for 300 psi), we know you won't need that much water/pressure to rinse your baby's cloth diapers!

Made in the USA with domestic and global components, the Aquaus Mini Shower Sprayer is the perfect way to reduce cloth diaper stains and keep you from the dreaded task of dunking baby's messy diapers before tossing them into the cloth diaper pail to await laundry day!

Three (3) year limited warranty


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Worth the investment
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington. on 11/9/2018
We bought this a couple years ago when my little one started solids and it has been a worthwhile investment. Set up was easy and we have even traveled with it several times. The spray is powerful enough to clean up the biggest mess, yet can be adjusted softer to avoid splashing. We use it with a cheap trashcan shield (cut off the bottom) and it works well.
5 Stars
Good sprayer; learning curve
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Irvington, NY. on 8/28/2018
I bought a second of these sprayers for my mom’s house after having one at ours. The controls on it are a little tricky because you have to look closely to determine whether the sprayer is on/off. If your toddler has been fiddling with it, this could lead to a mess when you turn on the valve at the pipe. You also need to get used to where the water comes out, otherwise you can inadvertently spray yourself. Installation is very easy and it’s nice being able to adjust the pressure.
5 Stars
Great tool!
Reviewed by:  from Staunton, VA. on 4/3/2018
I really like the thumb wheel on this sprayer- it is easy to operate and more adjustable than the typical squeeze mechanism of most sprayers.
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from lincoln NE. on 4/1/2018
I had done a lot of research about sprayer for cloth diaper and hesitated for along time before bought this spray. This is a MUST HAVE item for cloth diaper. It makes everything cleaner and easier. This sprayer is a lot better than other one because you can adjust the water pressure within your hand. I did not buy a spray pal because it think it is so expensive. I use 2 cheap trash can instead of. In conclusion. This sprayer is quite expensive but it is a very good investment.
5 Stars
Very helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Florida. on 8/2/2017
We had some trouble installing but I think that's because of our pipes. But since then it's been great! I've paired it with a tall trash can with no bottom. It's the perfect system.
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