Leaks with Prefold Diapers

How do I stop leaks with prefolds?

How do I stop leaks with diaper covers?When determining about why and how your prefold diapers are leaking, the very first thing you need to do is be sure the prefolds are even the problem. At times, parents will discover the problem is leaks with diaper covers and not necessarily the prefold diaper, as was initially thought.

Choose the Right Size Diaper Cover.

When using cloth diapers, it is imperative that your baby or toddler wear the right size diaper cover. A diaper cover that is too small will not cover the cloth diaper adequately and leaks will occur. If the cover is too large, gaps will allow leaks as well. Measure your baby correctly when checking to be sure your diaper cover is not the problem. You should also be sure that all of the cloth diaper is tucked within the diaper cover.

Select Diaper Service Quality Prefolds!

Next, use high-quality prefold diapers. High-quality diapers, such as prefold diapers, can help solve many of your leak problems. Many of the cloth diapers available in local stores are very thin and have a sew-in polyester sponge in the middle panel. Unfortunately, that synthetic sponge is not particularly absorbent and tends to breaks down and fall apart with the frequent washes necessary for cloth diapers. Diaper Rite prefolds, and other high-quality cloth diapers, are thicker, more durable and more absorbent overall.

Then, be sure you've taken all the steps for cloth diaper preparation before ever placing them on your baby's bum. If you have not washed the cloth diaper at least 3-6 times, it will not be at maximum absorbency.

Finally, if you are using the wrong size of prefold diaper, leaks are bound to occur. Prefold diapers that are too small (or do not have enough panels for your baby's wetting needs) simply can't hold enough moisture to get the job done adequately, so don't be afraid to move up to the next size if leaking is suddenly occurring. If your child is a heavy wetter, you might consider using a diaper doubler or insert to help absorb more moisture.

If after ensuring your prefolds are the right size, are secured properly, and have been washed adequately for absorption, read more about why the problem may be caused by leaks with the diaper covers.