Babykicks Hemparoo PREMIUM Joey Bunz
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Babykicks Hemparoo PREMIUM Joey Bunz

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Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts by Babykicks are natural, trim and super abosorbent!

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Premium Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts

The perfectly natural choice for your cloth diapers!

Pocket Diapers are all the rage, but without a highly absorbent insert like Babykicks Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts, they are nothing but a fleece pocket, lacking any absorption whatsoever! Although designed specifically to stuff inside pocket diapers, the four layers of absorbent hemp/cotton jersey found in the 1/8" thick PREMIUM Joey Bunz, can also be used to boost absorbency in any cloth diapering system yet offer a trim, but more absorbent, fit than other inserts.

What's so special about the Premium Joey Bunz Inserts?

The hourglass shape contours to reduce bulk in the center area of your baby's pocket diaper. This not only gives a more comfortable fit, but it also helps to cut back on the leaks caused by overstuffed strides gapping at the inner thigh.

The insert consists of two super absorbent inserts sewn together to create one. This results in an insert that's not only absorbent, trim and natural, it's ALSO fast to dry which saves you time and energy. A triple threat to diaper leaks and bulkiness!

Though typically thought of as a pocket diaper insert, Babykicks Joey Bunz PREMIUM Hemp Inserts can be used with just about any style of cloth diaper as a cloth diaper doubler or diaper booster; the absorbent qualities of the Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts give them a ton of versatility in your cloth diaper stash.

What's the Big Deal About Hemp?

Hemp is naturally more porous than cotton which makes it more absorbent. Hemp is longer in length than cotton fibers, and it doesn't wear out, but instead, gets softer and gains in absorbency with age and usage. Joey Bunz Premium Hemp Inserts have a combination of hemp/cotton to ensure the inserts will retain their shape through multiple wash and dry cycles and subsequent children in your family.

Hemp is also anti-microbial and has a natural ability to resist mold and mildew. This is an important feature for pocket diapers that may spend up to 3 days in a wet or dry cloth diaper pail before making their way into the washing machine. Hemp also has a significantly less environmental footprint than cotton; grown without the use of pesticides, hemp is an all around more environmentally sound crop. Parents seeking a more natural choice in cloth diapering could hardly choose a smarter fabric than hemp.

Looking for an absolutely bulletproof nighttime diaper or diaper for your heavy wetter? Try pairing our Premium Joey Bunz with a Microfiber Insert, together this absorbent combo can rival the absorbency of any disposable diaper.

Customize the Fit with Small, Medium, or Large Premium Joey Bunz!

Unlike most cloth diaper inserts and cloth diaper doublers, Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts come in three different sizes for a more customized fit and absorbency level in your baby's pocket diaper.

Size Width** Length** Pocket Diaper Size
Small 5" middle & 5.75" ends 13.5" Small
Medium 5" middle & 5.75" ends 15" Medium
Large 5" middle & 5.75" ends 17" Large, Petite Toddler, X-Large
Large Joey Bunz also fits some medium sized cloth diapers.

**Prewashed dimensions
As with any cotton or hemp product, allow for minor shrinkage.

Select one Joey Bunz for daytime use, or double up for night-time use with two or three, depending on how much, or often, your baby wets. Trimmer in the middle, the Joey Bunz Hemp Insert is about 5" wide at its narrowest point and curves out to a width of 5.75" on each contoured end.

Not as Concerned About Eco-Friendliness as Absorption?

We realize you might be looking at hemp because you desperately seek a more absorbent insert for your child's pocket diapers, and not necessarily because of its environmental advantages. Or maybe you don't want to purchase two Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts for each pocket diaper in your stash. If that's the case, try one (1) Joey Bunz with one (1) of our microfiber diaper inserts. The microfiber will do its job to quickly absorb the abundant moisture your child can release, while the hemp/cotton blend of the Joey Bunz will hold any wetness seeping through.

Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts are sold individually.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Knoxville. on 7/9/2018
This is a great insert to have for a pocket diaper. Because of the shape, it can be a bit tricky putting it in, but overall it works well. It dries faster than most other inserts.
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from 87109. on 6/14/2018
best doubler ever
5 Stars
Large premium hemp
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Happy valley. on 5/22/2018
I bought the large size and they can be a bit wide fitting inside a pocket, otherwise, very absorbant and dry well.
5 Stars
My favorite hemp insert
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington . on 4/30/2018
I love these inserts! They are super trim and absorbent! Because each piece is obly 2 layers they dry much faster than my other hemp inserts. I've slowly been adding these to my stash to someday replace all my microfiber.
5 Stars
Mommy of a HW
Reviewed by:  from Detroit. on 4/13/2018
I love this insert it is in my ideal stash
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