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The Inventor Behind FuzziBunz Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper News

People often wonder what it is about FuzziBunz diapers that make them so unique. The thing that makes the company so different from the rest is the inventor behind FuzziBunz diapers. She has literally revolutionized the world of cloth diapers on her own and made FuzziBunz a completely unique type of diaper.

The thing about FuzziBunz cloth diapers that makes them so unique is the way they are made. The outside is waterproof and the inside is a soft fleece material. But it is the pocket adjustment system that is completely unique. You can actually adjust the amount of protection that you need for leaks to fit your baby as needed. That makes the diapers truly custom to your needs as a parent and your baby’s needs, no matter what those needs are when it comes to a diaper.

Tereson Dupuy is the inventor behind FuzziBunz diapers. She is responsible for revolutionizing cloth diapers, an achievement she put under her belt in 1999. The goal of the invention was actually a personal one for her. The diaper was actually invented to relieve her own child’s nearly incurable diaper rash. She tried everything, but nothing worked, so she decided to make a cloth diaper that would relieve her own child’s diaper rash, and that is exactly what she did. She succeeded with the goal, and patented what would become known as the modern cloth diaper.

The popularity of the FuzziBunz diaper system is not the only that that has given recognition to the inventor behind FuzziBunz diapers. Dupuy, now known as the mother of the modern cloth diaper, has been recognized with various awards giving credit to both the success of the business and the success of the diaper design that she created on her own as a mother. Today, the company is known worldwide.

The inventor behind FuzziBunz diapers was just creating something for her own son, but her invention transformed the cloth diaper. FuzziBunz is now known worldwide as the leader of the modern cloth diaper, and Dupuy, the inventor behind FuzziBunz diapers, is known as the creation’s mother.