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How to Clean Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

How to Clean Cloth Diapers

Cleaning a diaper requires just a few simple steps. Once you have those down and they are part of your everyday routine, then it won't take much effort to be an expert on how to clean cloth diapers. One of the most important steps is to rinse soiled materials shortly after taking them off of your baby. Wet materials don't require any rinse treatment, but if your baby has had a bowel movement, then it's important to remove excess waste into the toilet. After that, your rinsed materials will go into a storage pail that's kept either wet or dry, depending on your preference. Every second or third day, you will move them to your washer for a prewash cycle, then a full wash cycle with detergent. If they pass the all-important "smell test" after the cleaning, then you can hang them to dry or toss them in your drying machine. Now you have fresh, clean supplies ready to go back into service. At this point, you may need to know how to fold a cloth diaper if you're using the most basic forms of diapering materials. Read on to learn more about folding techniques.

How to Use Cloth Diapers

Once you've learned cleaning and folding techniques, you've nearly mastered using natural materials for diapering. One key in learning how to use cloth diapers is to build washing and folding into your home routines. You'll need to wash and dry every other day or every third day to keep your supply ready, to minimize the number of cloths you need to purchase, and to keep odors well under control. Knowing how to clean cloth diapers is simple and takes only a little more time than basic laundry. The additional comfort to your baby and the low impact on the environment make the small effort well worth it. Learn more by reading all of the helpful articles that you'll find linked throughout our site.

How to Fold a Cloth Diaper

Many diapering styles do not require folding at all. However, if you choose to purchase "pre-folds," or other basic unfitted diapering materials, then you'll need to know how to fold a cloth diaper. One of the most popular folds is known as the angel style, which fits conveniently into a diaper cover. This style is clearly illustrated on our site and is easy to master with a few minutes of practice. If you want to know how to use cloth diapers with other simple folding techniques, then browse the angel wing folds or easy pre-fold wrap technique found on our site.