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How Many Diapers to Buy

Posted by Bryana on 8/18/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

How Many Diapers Should I Buy to Cloth Diaper My Baby?

How Many Diapers Do I Need?Purchasing a cloth diaper stash is not difficult. The question "How many diapers should I buy?" is better asked and answered by "How many diapers are needed?" Cloth diapering is just another step away from the mainstream concept of mass consumption to a simpler, more sustainable way of diapering your baby - nothing more and nothing less.

The truth is you might not need to buy ANY cloth diapers. That's right, you may have a cloth diapering momma in your community who has a potty-trained child and will part with her cloth diapers at no cost to you. You may also be of a crafty sort and sew your own cloth diapers. And finally, you may have already cloth diapered a baby and have a perfectly good diaper stash packed away. Cloth Diapering is nothing new - what worked for baby #1 will likely work for baby #2 (sometimes with some slight modifications). Although there are new cloth diaper styles, fabrics, and prints being released every year, re-using what you already have is the most eco-friendly, viable means to bundle your baby in cloth.

What makes a full-time cloth diaper stash?

A full-time cloth diaper stash is typically 18 to 20 (1 1/2 dozen) cloth diapers, and of course, cloth diaper covers. This remains true from birth to around 18 Months, when a Toddler's wetting patterns change significantly and potty training is on the horizon. Eighteen cloth diapers for eighteen months is easy to remember.

With 18 to 20 cloth diapers you can count on a wash cycle of every other day. Purchasing MORE cloth diapers to extend your wash cycle could actually work against you. As diapers are stored in the diaper pail, stains and stink set in. Cloth diapers will remain fresher and last longer if cared for gently - which means a regular washing cycle.

Part-Time Cloth Diapering

Making the commitment to cloth diaper your baby might not always be shared by those around you; sad, but true. If you are hesitant to invest in a full-time cloth diaper stash because your husband, parents, grandparents, nursery workers, daycare providers, or anyone else is uncomfortable caring for your baby in cloth diapers, then a part-time cloth diaper stash might better suit your needs.

There are many parents who pack disposable diapers with their baby's diaper bag for day-time caregivers and then, cloth diaper in the evenings and on the weekends. Bottom line, you must do what works best for you and respect those who care for your child. In situations like this, we recommend buying 6 (a half-dozen) cloth diapers and perhaps 3 cloth diaper covers.

You will still need to wash every other day, of course, and though you will not have the same overall monetary savings with a part-time system as you would if cloth diapering full-time, it isn't significant enough to stress over it.

Try might like it!

Still unsure if this cloth diapering thing is your gig? We have a solution in our Diaper Sample Package. Five (5) Cloth Diapers in various styles and One (1) Diaper Cover can rotate in on a trial basis with your disposable diapers. This way you can determine, at your convenience, the style(s) you prefer for your baby for just over $50.00.

As you can see, how many diapers are needed is dependent upon whether you are ready for a 100% cloth diaper commitment or you want to work it into your baby's evening and weekend routine. Either way, we want to encourage you throughout the process and are always willing to help.