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Freetime Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/5/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

There are many different achievements that have put BumGenius on the map as one of the leading producers of modern cloth diapers. The newest of these achievements are the Freetime diapers. These great all in one diapers are a revolution in the world of modern cloth diapering, and the culmination of the efforts of one of the industry’s leading companies.

Freetime diapers are cloth diapers that are created to do one thing for parents: give them more free time by making them spend less time changing diapers. And they do that. The great all in one diaper and cover takes moments to change because you don’t even have to change it. You just have to change the semi-attached liner that is inside it and then put the diaper back on the baby. In moments, you are done.

Freetime diapers are great, and what is better is that they are still Bumgenius diapers. And that means a lot. Freetime diapers are among the several collections of diapers created by this company that are backed by a full replacement one year warranty. Yes, one full year. As long as you follow the proper care instructions, your Freetime diapers will be replaced if they fall apart in less than a year.

Freetime diapers are adjustable, too, so your baby can really wear them for a year. The three sets of snaps allow you to adjust your diaper as your baby grows, so it can grow with your baby. That makes sure that you get the most possible use out of the diaper that you are purchasing, making them well worth any amount of money that you spend on them at all. They come in a large variety of colors and prints also so that you can create the perfect collection for your tastes.

Freetime diapers are top of the line from a top of the line company. These great diapers have made it easier to cloth diaper your baby than it even is to use disposable diapers in some cases. It is no wonder this diaper is such a creation by this great company.