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Flip Trainers

Posted by Bridget on 1/2/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Just because you are potty training your baby doesn’t mean that you are stuck with disposable training pants or a headache for your baby. If you are a cloth diaper user, you can use cloth trainers made by a company under Cotton Babies. These Flip trainers are very innovative and very high quality as well.

A problem that many people who cloth diaper their babies often run into is that potty training presents a problem. They want to cloth diaper the whole time until their child is potty trained, but they can’t because they can never find cloth trainers for the baby. So, they have to switch to expensive disposable trainers and on comes the diaper rash in most cases.

But, there is an answer now. Flip diapers, a brand that is manufactured under the Cotton Babies name, now makes special cloth training pants that are just as easy to use as anything else manufactured by the company. But, they also bring all the necessary aspects of training pants to your baby so that you don’t have to waste your money even when you are potty training your baby.

Flip trainers are made in a similar fashion as the diapers themselves. They are cloth pants with a special insert pad that goes in the middle. Just like the diapers, the Flip trainers pads can be removed whenever it is needed and the pants themselves can be replaced, just like the cloth diapers made by Flip diapers.

There is something that is different about Flip trainers, though, that makes them really training pants and not just cloth diapers. Flip trainers are adjustable enough that they can be pulled up and down so that your child can take restroom breaks, but they are protective enough for accidents that could happen because accidents do happen during the process of potty training.

Flip trainers are great training pants made by a cloth diaper company. They come with all the advantages of cloth diapers, but they are training pants for your potty training toddler. Flip trainers are the best of both worlds so you don’t have to use disposables.