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Fleece Diaper Covers

Posted by Bryana on 11/1/2011 to Getting Started

Fleece Diaper Covers Add Choice

There are many cover choices on the market, but how can you possibly know which ones are the most comfortable and most effective? Experience is the only way, and fortunately, Diaper Junction is ready to share its experience with you. We only carry cover choices that we've found to be highly dependable and attractive. Fleece diaper covers are a popular choice with some parents because of the added softness and snuggle value. Like your favorite fleecy jacket, robe, or blanket, this type of cover is super-soft on your baby.

You'll be glad you found Diaper Junction once you place your first order of Thirsties or one of our other dependable products. Give us a try today, or call us if you need assistance with your choices.

Thirsties Keep Them Dry


For a leak-proof diapering system, this brand of pocket styles, fitted styles, covers, and doublers does the job. Thirsties come in a gorgeous range of bright colors not produced by every other manufacturer, so your baby can be unique, right down to the diapers. One of this company's innovations is the pocket all-in-one, which combines the best features of both of these styles. Many people consider it to be the perfect choice when it comes to cloth diapering because of the super-absorbent, wicking materials and the ability to use doublers or other stuffing when even more absorbency is needed. This manufacturer is relatively new to the industry, but is garnering rave reviews from parents and other caregivers. See the innovative ideas for yourself by browsing our easy "Shop by Brand" menu.

Diaper Junction is ready to be your trusted supplier of fleece diaper covers, doublers, and all types of diapering accessories to make your job that much easier. And to save you even more money, we offer free shipping on all orders of $75 or more, as well as a discount when you join our mailing list. We're fully committed to parents like you, who know that cloth diapering is the best choice for you, your baby, and the environment.