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The number one reason that families look for a cloth diaper service is because they're afraid that washing cloth diapers will be too time consuming, inconvenient and unsanitary. You know what? We're here to help!diaper service virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, portsmouth, suffolk, hampton, newport news

Washing your own cloth diapers is easy! Let us share with you some of our best advice and encouragement.

When you choose to wash your own cloth diapers...

  • You choose the style of diapers that best fit your familys needs and lifestyle. With a diaper service you are limited to prefolds which still require the investment as well as care of diaper covers.
  • You choose how they are washed and what they are washed with. Although most diaper services wash with detergents that are gentle for your baby as well as the planet, there is no better peace of mind than knowing exactly what is touching your babys skin.
  • Your cloth diapers are YOUR cloth diapers to keep. Generally diaper service diapers are washed in massive loads. There is no guarantee that you will not get diapers that other babies have worn.

Save money washing your own cloth diapers...

Never run out of diapers when you choose cloth diapers...

  • No need to worry about running out of diapers before your next diaper service delivery.

No stinky diaper pail...

  • Because we recommend that you wash your cloth diapers every other day, you never encounter a diaper pail sitting with a week's worth of stinky diapers inside.

Caring for your own cloth diapers is easy!

  • Modern cloth diapers are easy to wash.  Using accessories like a mini shower means no dunking or swishing of diapers.

So, if you're considering cloth diapers and are looking for more information, support and/or recommendations on where to start and which diapers to choose, contact us at Diaper Junction!  We're here to help!