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Diaper Doubler to Reduce the Mess

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To
One of the biggest worries for parents that are cloth diapering their babies is if they wet their diaper or soil it too much, it will leak through their clothes and even onto the bed, leaving a mess for the morning that has to be cleaned up and one very fussy baby. But, there is something called a diaper doubler that can change all of this. Sometimes, during the night, your baby can wet himself or herself quite a bit. This can soak all the way through the baby’s clothes and even onto the mattress of their crib. This leaves quite a mess for the morning unless you get up halfway through the night and wake your baby up just to do a diaper changing. This prevents your baby from getting a full night’s sleep, and you as well. The diaper doubler is exactly what it sounds like. It is a secondary piece of thick, usually cotton cloth that goes into the diaper with a special insert that will hold it in place for the entire night. This extra thick piece of cloth gets its name from exactly what it is. It doubles the diaper and makes the diaper twice as thick so even heavy soiling or heavy wetting won’t make it through the diaper.

The benefit of the diaper doubler is obvious. If you have a diaper doubler in your baby’s diaper, you won’t have to worry about a mess in the morning, even if your baby is an especially heavy wetter during the night. This leaves much less of a headache for you and a baby that will wake up a lot less cranky.

You can buy diaper doublers in bulk anywhere where cloth diapers are sold, and occasionally places where they are not sold. If you are lucky, these are carried at your local department store where the baby supplies are sold, that is if your local department store has a big enough baby section. If you want to avoid a mess in the morning, then you can put a diaper doubler in your baby’s cloth diaper and be worry free all night.