Dahlia Cloth Feminine Pads
Dahlia Cloth Feminine Pads
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Dahlia Cloth Feminine Pads

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Dahlia Cloth is a new line of reusable cloth pads for women of all ages.

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Introducing Dahlia Cloth, Reusable Cloth Pads that are affordable and effective!

Dahlia Cloth pads are made with quality fabrics that make them comfortable, chemical-free, easy-to-clean, stylish, and economical. Today's disposable menstrual pads and tampons are full of chemicals, not at all comfortable and create a ton of waste. Whether you already love cloth menstrual pads or are still skeptical, give Dahlia cloth pads a try today! Try cloth pads and you'll realize why so many women love and use them for their menstrual needs.

Dahlia Cloth pads come in a pack of 3 of the same size pads, and are made with a layer of moisture-wicking, stain-resistant microfleece on top, and microfiber layers hidden inside for maximum absorbency. Laminated polyester (PUL) backing prevents leakage and keeps you confident, dry and comfortable all at the same time!

Dahlia Cloth Pad Sizes

Small: 2.5" wide X 8.5" long - great as a pantyliner or for light flow days
Medium: 3" wide X 11" long - For regular flow days
Large: 3.5" wide X 14" long - For overnight and heavy flow days

To use Dahlia pads: snap them around your underwear with the tag side facing down. Change pad every 2-6 hours. Wash before first use.

Washing Dahlia pads: Rinse prior to washing in a sink or washer. Wash on warm, and machine dry low, or hang to dry. Tip: Use a small wet bag or a pail for storage of soiled pads.


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Love these!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Wisconsin. on 2/19/2019
This was my first time trying mama cloth and I must say I really like these a lot. Super comfy, amazingly absorbent, and easy to rinse out! Just a warning though, the larges are super long, I probably would have been fine with just the mediums even for my few heavier days and then smalls for the lighter end days. But I still plan on using my large ones for postpardom and nighttime. Other than that, these are great and worth every penny!
5 Stars
So soft!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Diego. on 12/31/2018
This is the first mama cloth I've ever tried so I don't have anything to compare them to, but I really ike these pads because they are super absorbent. I was afraid they were going to stain but they haven't so far and they easily rinse out. They are so soft and comfortable you actually forget you're wearing them and I like that they fold into like a little envelope. I figured I was already cloth diapering so why not use mama cloth and I'm glad I made the switch. Definitely won't be returning to disposables.
4 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 11/17/2018
I wanted to love them because of the affordable price but they do slide around and don't love that they are microfiber. I wear them at night but don't during the day. I honestly prefer handmade ones over these. They however do their job, hold a lot, and have PUL so they don't leak!
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Illinois . on 11/13/2018
I got these to wear postpartum and they were perfect! I had both large and medium, but I could have gotten just mediums and been ok. The larges were a bit too long for me. I plan to use them as a back up to my cup on my heavy days once my period returns.
5 Stars
Good product
Reviewed by:  from Iowa. on 10/29/2018
I don’t have many cloth pads to compare to but this seems to work pretty well.
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