Menstrual Care

Cloth Menstrual Pads & Menstrual Care Products for Moms

Fabric pads come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Light pads and liners are suitable for light days, discharge, and cup backup. Pads are sewn with additional absorbent layers to provide medium and heavy protection. Overnight pads are typically longer to provide extra coverage. There are dozens of small companies and home-based businesses sewing cloth pads. With the variety available, there is something for all women and girls.

Cloth pads are a good choice for postpartum care. Women who typically use tampons or menstrual cups must find an alternative for postpartum discharge and bleeding. Cloth pads are comfortable and more pleasant than paper pads. Mothers who already use cloth diapers find it easy to make the transition to cloth pads and won't even need to do an extra load of laundry. Some women report less discomfort using reusable menstrual care products instead of products made with potentially toxic materials.

Menstrual cups are an alternative to tampons. Cups are worn internally and collect menstrual fluids without absorbing needed, natural moisture like tampons do. Menstrual cups can be worn for hours without needing to be concerned about changing or leaking. Care is easy: simply rinse with clean water and gentle soap to clean and sterilize by boiling at the end of the cycle.

Women making the switch from disposable pads and tampons to cloth pads or menstrual cups rarely look back. Purchase reusable wetbags in fashionabe fabrics with a waterproof lining to transport pads and cups.