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Cloth Diaper Styles

Posted by Bridget on 6/7/2012 to Getting Started

Which Cloth Diaper Style is Right for You?

If you're still thinking of cloth diapers as old fashioned, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to go green! Cloth diapers have come a long way from what your grandmother used, and these days not only will you find a wide array of cloth diaper colors and patterns, but different styles that make up the cloth diaper covers and cloth diaper inserts. You have a choice to provide a safer and more environmentally friendly diaper. You just need to find out which cloth diaper is right for you.

Different Cloth Diaper Styles Make it a Winner!

The main styles utilized in cloth diapering are all in one cloth diapers such as Grovia, one size cloth diapers from brands like Fuzzibunz, fitted cloth diapers such as Kissaluvs and Motherease. When you consider how quickly do parents go through a case of disposable diapers, and multiply the amount over time (three years, at least until potty training) many parents discover they would have spent thousands of dollars to keep baby dry. Compare that to the hundred or so dollar initial buy of cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories and the decision seems easy. Cloth diapers win every time!

Learn more about Cloth Diapers

All-In-One Cloth Diaper: This term defines a diaper that basically allows you to fit it to your baby without having to snap on or slip in extra padding. However, some designs may come with a pocket if you feel it's necessary to put in extra protection. bumGenius cloth diapers and Grovia cloth diapers are popular makers of all-in-one diapers.

Cloth Pocket Diaper: These are aptly defined - the cover features a pocket where you insert an absorbent layer to collect the wetness. With most new brands, the pocket allows for easy removal so there is less mess. FuzziBunz is an excellent brand for pocket diapers, as is Happy Heinys cloth diapers.

One-Size Cloth Diaper: These are considered highly economical diapers. With one-size cloth diaper models, you'll find snaps all over the cloth diaper cover; this lets you adjust the size of the cloth diaper as your baby grows. You can feasibly use the same shell for a newborn until he is potty training three years later. Katydid brand cloth diapers and Tots Bots are popular brands offering the one-size diapers.

Cloth Prefolds: These classic cotton diapers are still available. These comfortable, absorbent pre-folded cloth diapers still work to prevent leaks and skin irritation, and are priced more affordable than some advanced styles of cloth diapers.

Whichever type of cloth diaper you use for your baby, know that with cloth diapers you have taken an important step toward a healthier environment for your family.