Cloth Diaper Stains

How do I deal with cloth diaper stains?

How Do I Wash Cloth Diapers?Part of washing cloth diapers is learning how to deal with the stains that occur.

Stains, like other things in diapers, happen. Be prepared for a certain amount of natural staining that comes with baby’s byproducts on white or light colored material. There are, however, certain steps you can take to at least reduce, if not eliminate, stains from cloth diapers.

Stain Soap

One of the best ways to deal with stains is to treat it with special Stain Soap. The soap is gentler than traditional fabric cleaners and is all natural. To use the soap, you simply wet the affected area, rub in the soap and rinse the soap and stain away. For difficult stains, you can leave the soap on the diaper for a minute or two before rinsing, but be aware that too much use of any product, like Stain Soap, can leave a residue in the diaper affecting absorbency and odor. We recommend this product for natural materials, such as cotton, only.

Sunning-Out Cloth Diaper Stains

The sun is a wonderful bleaching agent. Line drying or sunning diapers regularly can help reduce odor and stains as well as naturally sanitize the cloth diapers. After washing the diapers, lay or hang them in the sunshine to help stains fade. The sunlight, not the heat, is responsible for the bleaching, so temperature is not an issue.

Cloth diaper stains are inevitable.

Sometimes it might be better to just deal with the stains by ignoring them. Cloth diapers are going to get stains, and those stains will fade and even disappear with repeated washings. So long as the diapers have been washed and smell clean, they are. They can be stained and still be perfectly clean and sterilized. Also remember to avoid chlorine bleach and heavy detergents in your efforts to minimize stains.

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