54 Qt Cloth Diaper Pail

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54 Qt Cloth Diaper Pail

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Due to the increasing cost of diaper pails and shipping we have decided to no longer offer this product. Instead we recommend that you purchase a 13 gallon (54 qt) trash can with a lid from your local discount store. A trash can works just as well and is much more cost effective.

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Dump the Cloth Diaper Pail for a Trash Can!

Tips for choosing a Cloth Diaper Pail:

First determine your method for cloth diaper storage. The two most popular ways to store your cloth diapers is either with the "wet pail" or a "dry pail" method.

The "wet pail" method of storing diapers means that you fill a pail half way with water along with a pre-treatment, such as vinegar, baking soda, or tea tree oil to help neutralize urine and soak the stains away. When using a "wet pail", it is recommended that you change the water daily. If left too long the water becomes stinky and slimy. It will soak that stink and slime right in to your diapers! Another thing to consider is having to lug and lift that sloshing diaper pail to the washing machine. With this type of storage it is imperative that you choose a diaper pail that has a tight locking lid. The dangers of a child falling into and drowning into a pail like this HAS happened! For this very reason, we DO NOT recommend our diaper pail for this type of storage. The "dry pail" method of storing diaper is our preferred and recommended way of storage.

Using a "dry pail" method of storing diapers means that basically you toss you diaper right into the pail as is. Today's washing machines are capable of thoroughly washing out messes contained in the diaper. You may, if you prefer, rinse your diapers by hand (we always called on our trusty rubber gloves) in the toilet or use a Mini-Shower to rinse off any solids on the diaper. Rinsing you diapers prior to tossing in the pail will help reduce odors and stains.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Perfect Pail
Reviewed by:  from Russellville, KY. on 10/16/2010
I just got this pail in the mail and am so excited. It is the perfect size and the Planet Wise Diaper Pail liner fits great into it. I am very pleased.
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Pennsylvania. on 10/11/2010
I like this pail. It is a bit too big for my needs--I wash diapers every 2 days--but works well.
5 Stars
A trash can would have worked just as well
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 10/7/2010
I have this pail and I received it as a gift. I have no complaints at all but in an effort to help out future buyers I will say a standard trashcan of the same capacity would work just as well! I do like that this has handles on the sides for easy lifting.
5 Stars
Great Pail......would buy again!
Reviewed by:  from South Carolina. on 9/30/2010
I really love this diaper pail. It has an easy-lift lid that is great when you are trying to "dispose" of your little one's messy diaper. It is also compatible with my Wahmies pail liner - perfect fit! It has begun to bow out a little at the bottom, but I guess its from all those water-soaked, heavy diapers.....does not affect the function. This is a great product!
5 Stars
Works great
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 8/25/2010
I love this diaper pail. It does what it's supposed to do and is the perfect size.
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