Cloth Diaper Outings

Cloth Diapers can run errands - oh yes, they can!

Can I Take Cloth Diapers on Vacation?You would never give a second thought about packing disposable diapers in your diaper bag to run errands with your baby, meet up with a playdate, or even on vacation, right? Believe it or not, cloth diapers are NO different.

Contrary to mainstream impressions, cloth diapers can run errands, enjoy a good playdate (they'll stir up some interesting conversation, to be certain), and keep baby more comfortable. And once you realize this truth, you will find that the idea of taking cloth diapers on vacation with you isn't so ominous! As always, preparation is key, because all parents know a well-packed diaper bag makes all the difference - no matter what kind of diapering system you choose.

Getting your cloth diaper bag prepared to leave home.

A trip down the baby aisle of your local grocery store or super center will leave your head whirling with all the supposed 'needs' to purchase and have 'at the ready' in your diaper bag, but any seasoned parent will tell you that less is more - especially for your shoulder.

Diaper bags need the same key items whether you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Pack these things and you will be set to cloth diaper your baby ANYWHERE.

  • Cloth Diapers - a set of cloth diaper pins or snappi fasteners if you use them.
  • Cloth Diaper Covers - unless you use pocket diapers or all-in-one diapers.
  • Cloth Baby Wipes - and a non-irritating bottom cleaner spray if you'd like to use more than water.
  • Changing Pad - we preferred a couple of prefold diapers or a 36" square, lightweight, cotton blanket because it could cover any surface and/or be used on a floor without baby touching anything unhygienic.
  • Burp Rag(s)
  • A waterproof tote for soiled diapers (you can also use recycled plastic grocery bags and discard them at home).
  • A change of clothes for baby - just in case.
  • An organic, soothing, diaper ointment - our choice is Magic Stick Diaper Ointment.

Our cloth diapers were always prefolded and ready to be used so we could just reach in and pull out the whole 'set' when changing cloth diapers away from home.

Isn't it hard to change a cloth diaper in a public place?

Changing cloth diapers is no different than changing disposable diapers - in both situations you need to get away to a bathroom or more private place; if that isn't available, a flat surface out of the way. Since you will never be sure what surface will be available, remember to use a large changing pad/blanket under baby. Then? Change them JUST LIKE YOU WOULD AT HOME. And when you're done? Instead of tossing your cloth diapers into the trashcan, place it in one of your waterproof diaper totes, close, and put back in your cloth diaper bag. Easy, no?

Admittedly there are cloth diapers that are EASIER to use when cloth diapering away from home. All-in-ones keep you from needing to pull on the additional diaper cover or fumble around with diaper fasteners; pocket diapers offer the same convenience. If you want to make your diaper changes away even easier, you can certainly go that route; we did.

Preparation is key - have what you need at hand and take along your confidence! After a few outings you'll be ready to take your cloth diapers on your vacation the next time you head out of town!