Cloth Diaper Odors

How do I get rid of diaper odors?

How Do I Rinse and Store the Used Diapers?Even when you properly rinse and store your used cloth diapers, you will still deal with the odor that naturally comes from soiled cloth diapers.

Diapers, in general, contain some of the smelliest messes around. Keeping odors at bay can be a concern, but it is easy to deal with. The first step to dealing with odors in cloth diapers is to wash them regularly and rinse them well. The longer dirty or wet diapers stay wet, the longer the fumes have to ingrain themselves in the material. We recommend that you wash every other day.

Another chief culprit of cloth diaper odor is the product you're using to remove the odors. Items such as fabric softeners can leave a film on and trap odors. Overusing detergent can also leave a residue allowing soil and odors to cling to fabrics. Use the recommended amount of detergent for washing cloth diapers, and when the wash cycle is finished, take a big whiff to see how the diapers smell. Not fresh? Wash again.

Then, run the diapers through another load with no detergent to be sure all current detergent is completely removed from the material before drying. Using a detergent with a heavy perfume to try and mask the odors can also lead to worse odor problems. Stick to a basic detergent without soap, fabric softener or extra ingredients.

Top 5 Tips For Preventing Diaper Odor

  1. Rinse soiled and overnight diapers as soon as possible. Doing so will remove the source of the stink and will prevent the scent from lingering in your diapers. Be certain to wring out excess water to prevent mold and mildew.
  2. Keep your diaper pail in a cool, dry place. While it may seem natural to keep your pail or wetbag in the bathroom or laundry room, these areas tend to be higher in heat and humidity, which can affect the environment within your pail. It is best to store your dirty diapers in an area of your home with reduced humidity, preferably out of direct sunlight, to keep the stink from setting in.
  3. Ventilate your pail. A little fresh air can go a long way in preventing diaper odors. Use a pail with a lid that allows airflow, or leave the zipper on your wetbag slightly open to let air in. Some families opt to use a pail without a lid, and this works great, however you should be cautious should you have mobile toddlers or curious pets.
  4. Wash your diapers regularly. There are many reasons to wash your diapers every other day, and preventing diaper stink is just one of them. By washing regularly you will prevent ammonia from forming in your diapers and will keep your diapers fresh.
  5. Use the correct amount of detergent. Using too little or too much detergent can cause stink in your diapers. Using the correct amount of detergent will make sure your diapers are properly cleaned without leaving detergent residues behind.

It is worth repeating that how you rinse and store your used cloth diapers, will have some effect on the amount of cloth diaper odors you will deal with in your cloth diaper pail, decreasing the time between your cloth diaper washes is the best method for cutting cloth diaper odors.