Cloth Diaper Folding

Cloth Diaper Folding - Chinese Prefolds and Wrap-style Diaper Covers

Cloth Diaper Folding - Diaper Rite PrefoldsPrefold Diaperss, coupled with wrap-style diaper covers, are an economical, easy-to-use, cloth diapering system. The name 'pre-fold' is as descriptive as it gets when it comes to cloth diapers. Rectangular in shape, Prefolds are pre-folded into multiple absorbent layers and these layers are pre-sewn into panels.

Simple wrap-style diaper covers like Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, or if you're looking for organic alternatives, Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Diaper Covers, pair up well with our Diaper Rite Prefolds. Since these cloth diapers are prefolded, you need not worry over fancy origami-like cloth diaper folding techniques - that's a thing of the past, just like the large, single-layer, gauze flats/diapers you might have heard your mother or grandmother complain about.

Give your caregivers a break - make cloth diapering easy!

We know that parenting is not only a full-time job for the PARENTS, but for grandparents, friends, nursery workers, and other caregivers as well. Cloth diapering can work with all your caregivers, but be easy on them - this was YOUR conviction, not theirs. In most cases you won't be the only diaper changer in the family, so ease-of-use will be a large factor in determing your cloth diapering system. We get that - it is one of the main reasons we have stocked our store with Prefold Diapers and other versatile cloth diapers and diaper covers.

Diaper Rite Prefolds and wrap-style diaper covers are the most economical way to mimic the style and convenience of disposable diapers. Of course, they also have the added benefit of being soft - which is important when it comes to 'underwear', wouldn't you agree? You'll get hooked on cloth diapering once you feel the difference between the natural cotton of cloth diapers -v- the paper pulp disposable diapers sold in the mainstream market. Remember, these cloth diapers rest against your baby's most sensitive areas; sticky plastic and questionable chemicals do not have any place there.

The Easy Prefold Wrap fold IS easy, hence the name.

Before we start, know that the Angel Fold (both with or without a snappi diaper fastener) IS a relatively easy fold, but this one? EVEN EASIER. Seriously easy. I mean, come on - can you fold a hand towel? Right...EASY!

1. Pull out one Prefold Diaper and one cloth diaper cover - in this pictorial, we use a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Lay your prefold flat in front of you so that the serged ends are on top and bottom.

Diaper Rite Prefold with Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

2. You can fold the prefold directly atop the wrap, (for the purpose of this demonstration, we've set the wrap aside). If, however, you are folding the prefold atop the wrap, remember that you place the prefold atop the wrap with the serged edges showing at the top and bottom (length-wise).

3. From one side, fold in the right (or left) non-serged edge of the Prefold Diapers towards its middle (usually about 1/3 of the width).

Begin folding Prefold Diaper to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper WrapBegin folding Prefold up to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

4. Do the same thing in #3, but on the other side. Do you see that we are basically folding the diaper into a thick lengthwise panel? The easiest way to fold a Prefold lengthwise is to follow the "seam" of the stitching.

5. Then, place the tri-folded prefold atop the wrap and if necessary, fold under any of the additional prefold length to fit within the wrap and for additional absorption. If your baby is a boy, fold the additional length under in front where the obvious extra absorption will be needed. If your baby is a girl, fold the additional length under in back.

We recommend folding your Prefolds and wraps ahead of time to store for a quick grab at the diaper changing table, diaper bag, or...

Begin folding Diaper Rite Prefold to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper WrapBegin folding Diaper Rite Prefold up to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

6. Lay baby atop the folded prefold so that the top serged edge is right at the baby's back waistline, then bring the Prefold and cover up between baby's legs.

Begin folding Diaper Rite Prefold up to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

7. Finally, wrap the tabs found on the diaper cover's back left and right "wings" around the baby to the front panel and secure.

Begin folding Diaper Rite Prefold up to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Begin folding Chinese Prefold up to fit into a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Though the Easy Prefold Wrap fold is truly the simplest fold available, we have others you might want to try in our Cloth Diapering "How To's" below.

More Cloth Diaper folds:

One way to try cloth diaper folding with Prefold Cloth Diapers without a huge initial investment is in our Diaper Sampler Package. The package includes (2) Prefold Diapers and (1) wrap-style diaper cover, along with some of our other cloth diaper styles.