Cloth Diaper Folding

Folding Prefold Diapers - Angel Wing Fold, a.k.a. Newspaper Fold

chinese prefoldsPrefold diapers are the foundation for most every cloth diaper package or system designed for and by our customers. They are efficient, durable and absorbent, making them a favorite with cloth diapering parents; you'd be hard-pressed to find a prefold diaper that can out-work a cotton prefold.

Prefold Diapers are sewn in pre-folded, multiple layer panels, with the thickest panel running right down the center in the wet zone. Though certainly prefolded, Prefolds do require a few extra cloth diaper folds, but don't worry, they are quick and easy to do.

One of the easiest ways to fold Prefold Diapers is using the Angel Fold, also known as the Newspaper Fold.

Below we'll demonstrate the Angel Fold using a Prefold and a snappi diaper fastener. This fold can work with any prefold diaper, but if you want to use the Snappi, you must use a cloth diaper the grippers can get a 'hold' in. Tighter woven fabrics, like hemp, will not work with the snappi fastener - it cannot get a grip of the cloth diaper to secure it around baby.

Folding Prefold Diapers: Angel Fold with a Snappi Diaper Fastener

1.You will need one Prefold Diaper and one Snappi diaper fastener. Lay your Prefold out flat lengthwise in front of you, with the serged ends showing at the top and bottom.

Lay your Prefold straight and flat in front of youSecure your Prefolds with Snappi Diaper Fasteners

2. Take the bottom serged-edge of the prefold and fold it up towards the top serged edge (usually about 1/3 the height of the prefold). If using a diaper doubler for additional absorption, lay the doubler in the middle of the prefold diaper before folding the bottom serged edge upwards.

3. Then, create create a "V" shape by grabbing the bottom, left-hand corner and pulling it over to the middle; repeat this step again from the bottom, right-hand corner across to the left. See right image below.

Take the bottom serged-edge of the prefold and fold it up towards the top serged edgeCreate a V-shape by pulling the folded bottom, left corner over to the middle and repeating it on the other side.

4. To keep baby feeling comfortably dry, or for extra absorbency you can lay a stay dry liner or fleece topped doubler atop this folded 'V'. Both will ensure that urine wicks through the fleece, so baby's skin is dry to the touch. The fleece topped doubler will offer a bit more absorption at the same time.

5. Place baby atop the Prefolded Diaper so that the top serged edge is right at the baby's back waistline. Then bring the bottom folded part of the Prefold up through baby's legs to the front waist. At this time, you can adjust the rise by letting out some of the fold from the left or right in the front.

Bring the Prefolded up towards the baby's wasitline through the legs.

6. After the prefold is adjusted to fit your baby's stride and waist, bring the back corners or 'wings' of the Chinese Prefold around to meet with the part pulled up to baby's waistline in the front. Holding the two 'wings' down with one hand, grab hold of a Snappi Diaper Fastener with the other hand. Press the plastic, grippers down into the prefold diaper, anchoring it into the woven fibers, on one of the 'wings' you just pulled around the side of baby.

Putting a Snappi Diaper Fastener on a Prefold in the Angel Fold

7. Holding the Snappi taunt, pull the adjacent, unattached Snappi "leg" across the Prefolded Diaper (just below the waist) to grab hold of the cloth diaper wing on the other side. Now the Snappi should be firmly secured into both the left and right wings.

Putting a Snappi Diaper Fastener on a Prefold in the Angel Fold

8. With the left and right legs of the Snappi anchored to the top wings, draw the 3rd and final leg of the Snappi down between baby's legs and when taunt, anchor securely in the Prefold.

Putting a Snappi Diaper Fastener on a Prefold in the Angel Fold

9. You do not have to press hard to secure a Snappi. When you pull the legs taunt and press down the plastic grippers into the cloth diaper, the snappi diaper fastener will hold to the fibers, securing itself.

Putting a Snappi Diaper Fastener on a Prefold Diaper in the Angel Fold

As stated above, this cloth diaper fold can be used with any style cloth diaper cover. For a lightweight, breathable, and best of all, economical pull-on pant, try the Bummis Whisper Pant. Want a pull-on made from all natural fibers? No problem - the Aristocat Wool Soaker is a favorite wool cover for night-time diapering.

Cotton Prefold Diapers are efficient, easy to fold, absorbent and durable.

Have no desire to use diaper pins or the Snappi Diaper Fastener? Try out a few of our other folds and 'How To's' below.

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