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Cloth Diapers are Easy to Use

The best cloth diaper brands have begun to offer features that rival the wearing ease of paper diapers. Some now have Velcro fasteners in place of the diaper pins of the past. Some are adjustable in size, reducing parents' investment by allowing the same diaper to be used for months. Many incorporate liners to prevent solid waste actually touching the diaper fabric.

Cloth Diapers are Healthier for Baby

Natural cloth diapers have advantages for the baby as well as the mother. Paper diapers are treated with harsh chemicals that may irritate an infant's sensitive skin. The cloth alternative is gentler to the child as well as to the planet. Some cloth diaper brands advertise themselves as organic, meaning the only things against the baby's backside are natural products.

Cloth Diapers are Functionally Superior

Cloth diapers work better that paper ones, too. Paper diapers come in definite sizes, and when a child is just too big for one and not quite big enough for the next, the result is a poor fit and often messy and embarrassing leakage. Adjustable cloth diapers can be fit to the wearer, meaning they absorb liquid waste and contain solids more efficiently than paper products.

Cloth diapers are preferable on grounds of health, convenience and ecology. The best cloth diaper brands are available right here at Diaper Junction, where parents can compare features and select the exact product that fits their needs. Some of the most comfortable, durable and reliable diapers on the market are available on this page. Order a package now, and be kind to your baby and your planet.