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Cloth or Disposable? - Chlorine Free Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/10/2012 to Green Living

One of the most common skin allergies that babies and people in general have but are not aware of is chlorine. Chlorine can cause very painful outbreaks on the skin. Unfortunately, most disposable diapers have chlorine in them. If your baby is allergic, there are two choices. You can purchase chlorine free diapers in two forms.

If your baby is allergic to chlorine, you know how much of a hassle diapers can be. Every time you turn around, your baby’s skin will be breaking out. They will be in a lot of pain, and of course as a parent, that is painful to you as well because with an allergic reaction such as this, there really isn’t much you can do except change the type of diaper so that your baby’s skin is not harmed any more. Chlorine free diapers are the only way to avoid this.

There are chlorine free diapers for babies that are disposable. Of course, finding these is often quite expensive. They are usually made of organic materials and are very hard to find in some cases. You won’t be able to get them at your local general store, and you will be paying much more than you would be paying for regular disposable diapers. And they are already not cheap at all.

There is another way to get chlorine free diapers, though. You can switch to cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are much more affordable than disposable diapers in the long run, and they are easier to use than ever before. You can find many different varieties at retailers that sell them. They are usually made of cotton, often organic cotton, and very gentle on the baby’s skin. You can even find these great chlorine free diapers in different colors and patterns to add just a little more fun to diapering your baby.

Chlorine free diapers are a guarantee that your baby’s skin will not break out, although they are often a little more difficult to find. You can use organic, disposable chlorine free diapers, or you can save money and get a guarantee that your baby’s skin will be safe with cloth diapers.