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Bummis Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/5/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Cloth diapers are an increasingly popular alternative because they are better for the environment and much cheaper. Many different companies out there make good quality cloth diapers in a variety of covers. Bummis one of these great companies that makes great and affordable cloth diapers for everyday customers.

The thing about Bummis diapers that draws most customers in is the small, caring feel even though the company has grown greatly. Bummis diapers is a great quality company that started out with a few mothers in Canada who wanted to make great cloth diapers. Two women that still own the company started it right out of their homes.

Of course, Bummis has grown greatly and things have changed a little that make the diapers a little more expensive, but overall the company has stayed pretty much the same. The company still produces all of its diapers in its factory in Canada, and all of the cotton in the diapers that are made is high quality certified cotton. The cotton used is actually organic, which takes the whole environmentally safe aspect of cloth diapers to a whole new level.

The great Bummis diapers come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. You can buy in bulk so that you can have a large assortment of great colors to choose from that are the easiest to change for you as a parent. There are so many choices that you can no doubt find the perfect diaper kit for you and your baby.

And the best thing about Bummis diapers is that they are affordable. They are sold in bulks of a dozen to save you money, so that anyone can purchase a bundle of these cloth diapers to get them started with regular usage instead of disposable diapers.

More parents are switching to cloth diapers. And Bummis diapers makes it much easier. Bummis diapers use organic cotton and are very good quality. They come in many different prints, and the best thing about the company is that it was started by two moms, so the company knows what a cloth diaper should be.