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Bummis Diapers, Covers and More!

Posted by Bryana on 2/16/2011 to Cloth Diaper Accessories

Cloth diapers are a much more affordable choice than disposable diapers. And there are many great companies to choose from. Bummis is one of the best of these. With Bummis, you can get everything you need in one place. All you have to do is find a retailer to get Bummis diapers, covers and more!

Bummis is a great Canadian cloth diaper company that was started by two mothers in their own kitchen who had a desire to make great cloth diapers that babies would love to wear. The company expanded greatly, and switched to a certified organic cotton, but the diapers are still manufactured out of a factory in Canada and the same two women still own the company.

Now, the company makes Bummis diapers, covers and more! You can literally find everything that you need for your cloth diapering from this company. The cloth diapers themselves and the inserts for them are only the first part of the things that you can buy. Of course, there is a lot of variety with these and they even come in a few different sizes But, the company actually makes Bummis diapers, covers and more instead of just diapers. You can also find wet bags for the diapers and tote bags. Both of these are great accessories to have if you want to regularly cloth diaper your baby and want it to be as easy as it can possibly be.

All of the diapers, covers and accessories sold by Bummis diapers are very affordable. This company is geared toward making everything affordable for people that want to cloth diaper their babies, and does just that. You can even buy in bulk so that you don’t have to order a diaper or two at a time. Instead, you can get a full collection of what you need together.

Bummis sells Bummis diapers, covers and more! That way, you are completely prepared for cloth diapering from a great company that you can trust to have high quality products that will really be great for your baby. After all, it was created by mothers.