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Bummis Diaper Covers

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Getting Started

Bummis Diaper Covers

Make sure that your outside coverings aren't an afterthought. Even with the best diapering material, moisture or messes may occasionally escape the interior layers, and your waterproof covers are the final point of protection between wetness and your baby's clothes, your clothes, bedding, car seats, and other important items. Fortunately, you'll find that a high-quality cover is easy to care for and to use. Bummis diaper covers are available in a multitude of different styles, including wraps that fit snugly to totally contain wetness or messes. They also offer pull-up pant styles, so you have tremendous choice in determining what works best for you and your child. In addition to these style choices, you'll find cute prints and colors to match your baby's budding personality. There's even a cuddly fleece cover that's comfortable enough to wear all four seasons of the year. Spend a few minutes today browsing the entire selection with our "Shop by Brand" menu.

Waterproof Covers for Protection

When some people hear about using a waterproofed diapering cover on a baby, they unfortunately envision the hot, plastic pants that were used decades ago. You'll be glad to know that those are long gone. Today's waterproof covers combine with cloth diapers to wick moisture away from skin while still containing it. This system can completely stop leaks from seeping out f the cover. No more dripping or leaking on your furniture, your baby's clothing, your car seats, or you! Diaper Junction is proud to offer you cover choices from a number of different manufacturers. Our inventory includes Bummis diaper covers, which have proved their worth to us and countless customers during our more than seven years in business. This brand of cover is extremely durable, lightweight, and trim enough to be comfortable on active little ones. Check our full selection today, or call us if you have any questions.