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Bummis Diaper Cover

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Getting Started

Bummis Diaper Cover Lasts

When it comes to diapering your baby, you need products that will stand up to frequent laundering and the crawling, squirming, walking, and falling of an active baby or toddler. The Bummis diaper cover will never disappoint you when it comes to sheer durability. These lightweight and waterproof cover designs fit any baby snugly and really hold up through washings and wear. You'll appreciate thoughtful features such as encased, heavy-duty elastic around the legs and waist to provide comfort and continue containing wetness and messes after other elastics have failed. Once you near the end of your diapering days, you'll also want to consider Bummis training pants. Continue reading for more information about this ideal way to transition your child to big kid underwear.

Bummis Training Pants

One of the best ways to ensure toilet-training success is to use a trainer that resembles big kids' underpants. It's important for a young child to be able to pull his or her underpants down and up, and that just can't be done with snug-fitting or pinned diapers. The solution for this in-between stage is to use Bummis training pants. They look remarkably like regular underwear, but they offer the absorbency you'll want to contain moisture during the accidents that are bound to happen. One added benefit of this style is that they are designed to allow your child to feel some wetness against his or her skin, which helps teach the child to use the bathroom before accidents happen. Wash and dry each pant just like you would a cloth diaper. Cover use is not required because of the waterproof outer material. Like all products from this manufacturer, you'll find that the trainers withstand lots of use, even through more than one child. Place your order today to get on the road to success with your young trainer!

Cloth Diaper Cover Features

When you choose your covers, you'll find great features such as snap, hook and loop, or Aplix closures. These sizing adjustments allow your cloth diaper cover to fit your child even as he or she grows. You'll also find a multitude of different fabrics, including fleece, organic cotton, and wool. And, if you're looking to add a little pizzazz to your baby's wardrobe, you have to see the colorful, inviting fabrics offered on the Bummis diaper cover and other styles. Diapering your baby can be fun and easy when you rely on Diaper Junction for the best in diapering supplies.