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Bumkins Diaper

Posted by Bryana on 1/1/2011 to Getting Started

Bumkins Diaper Solutions

Bumkins Diaper

For a complete diapering system that will keep your baby dry, comfortable, and even stylish, consider products from this quality maker. Bumkins diaper products include a fantastic AIO style that provides the absorbency you need already affixed to a waterproof cover in beautiful fabrics. These items are so cute, you'll love using them as cool summer shorts or swim diapers. And, you never have to worry about messes because the design is comfortably trim yet still as absorbent as the best-quality cotton prefold diaper materials. Remember to browse the selection of Bumkins' adorable diapering accessories, such as tote bags and covers, as well.

All in One Diapers (AIO)

All in One Diapers

If convenience and ease of use is what matters most to you or your baby's other caregivers, then the best choice may be an AIO. Also known as all in one diapers, these styles include the inner absorbent materials stitched permanently to a waterproof outer cover. Most have hook-and-loop or snap closures, making it incredibly easy to adjust the fit and make sure the diaper's snug. This diapering option is as easy to put on as a disposable, making it a natural choice for caregivers who are nervous about folding, using fasteners, or working with a diaper's cover or other accessories. An excellent choice is the Bumkins diaper found on our site, and we also carry other quality and time-tested makers that deserve your attention.

Prefold Diaper Choices

For the most economical cloth diapering, prefolds remain the top choice. Diaper Junction carries only time-tested cotton prefold diaper products, which offer excellent absorbency and soft, quality fabrics that feel great to babies. Spend a few minutes reading the helpful how-to articles on our site to learn all about easy folding techniques and other information that can help in your decision to use prefolds.