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bumGenius One Size Diaper

Posted by Bridget on 6/7/2012 to Getting Started

Bumgenius One Size Diaper

Bumgenius One Size Diaper

If you're fairly new to cloth diapering, then you may be surprised to discover the number of options that are available. Among these highly convenient choices is the Bumgenius one size diaper. As the name implies, this is the one-size-fits-all solution to diapering. Buy a single set of this style, and you're prepared to meet your diapering duties all the way to your potty-training days. This is possible because of a system of stretch-to-fit tabs that provide a secure, snug fit for your baby, yet are highly adjustable to account for growth.

As you might expect, these materials have to be made of high-quality fabrics and elastics to stand up to years of washing. With more than six years of experience providing cloth diapering solutions to our customers, we are confident that the products offered will last as expected with proper care. Whether you choose a one-sized version of pocket diapers or another popular style, you'll save money and time by keeping the same set of diapering supplies for your baby's first years.

Pocket Diapers Offer Flexibility

Pocket Diapers

There are times when you need a little extra assurance against leaks. For those times, pocket diapers can be the perfect solution. The built-in pockets can easily be stuffed with an extra cloth prefold, a diapering doubler, or other absorbent materials of your choice. This is a convenient way to deal with heavy-wetting babies or toddlers, nighttime diapering needs, or long car or airplane travels. You'll find pocketed diapering materials in many sizes, including the Bumgenius one size diaper. If customizing the absorbency of your baby's diapering sounds like a great help to you, then be sure to browse our full line of pocketed styles by using our "Shop by Category" menu. We've heard from many parents who love the flexibility of pocketed styles, and they may be the best choice for your family, too.

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