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bumGenius! Dominates the Cloth Diaper Market

Posted by Bryana on 3/1/2012 to Cloth Diaper News

When you talk about cloth diapers, there is no doubt that bumGenius! comes into the conversation. This brand has been dominating the world of cloth diapers for quite a while. And the reason that bumGenius dominates the cloth diaper market is obvious when you see the brand firsthand.

There is a clue when you are first introduced to the brand why bumGenius dominates the cloth diaper market. This brand comes with a one year, full replacement guarantee that its diapers will last. Manufactured by Cotton Babies, the materials used for these diapers are top of the line for a reason.

bumGenius dominates the cloth diaper market because of the high quality diapers that are made. These diapers are not only made with very high quality cotton, but they are also made very durable and with great-fitting closures so that they will not only last, but they will fit great on the baby for that amount of time.

Even though there are only a few sizes of diapers to choose from, bumGenius dominates the cloth diaper market because they fit almost any size of baby with a great, snug feel. They are a little adjustable with a great butterfly closure whether you choose the snaps or hook and loop style.

bumGenius dominates the cloth diaper market because they are easy to change as well. The system of diapers and inserts created by this company makes changing your baby even easier than using disposable diapers. You are probably wondering how bumGenius can still be at the top with all of this quality and great innovation in a cloth diaper. This is because even though the diapers are this great, the prices are still reasonable because the goal is to make diapers that will work for people with babies. And most people with babies are on a budget.

bumGenius dominates the cloth diaper market for a reason – or actually for several reasons. The high quality and great innovation paired with the low prices keep this company as the top of the list when it comes to cloth diapers.