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bumGenius FreeTime: Every moms DREAM cloth diaper

Posted by Julie on 9/21/2011 to Baby Wearing

If you asked families what they like and dislike about the various types of cloth diapers available today you'd find comments like;  XYZ takes too long to dry...ABC isn't absorbent enough...I like the fit of CDE but I wish it came in a one size.  Well this post is all about your DREAM diaper, the bumGenius FreeTime One Size All In One cloth diaper will be in stock at Diaper Juntion very soon and it's a perfect combination of all the features you look for in ONE cloth diaper but have never been able to find!

The FreeTime Diaper by bumGenius is

  • All In One, no stuffing or extra inserts required.  Although, the design of the built in soakers, in overlapping flaps, allows for super fast dry times compared to other AIO's.
  • One Size, allowing you to use it from birth through potty training.  No need to have to keep upgrading the next size.
  • Available in snap or aplix closure methods so you don't have to sacrifice any of the features you've grown to love.
  • Features easily replaceable elastic which allows you to prolong their lifespan and ensure that you'll be able to reuse them for future children or resale.
  • Diaper Junction expects their stock of the bumGenius FreeTime AIO Diaper to arrive in December.  If you're interested in being on the waitlist please visit DiaperJunction!