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Cloth Diapers Reduce Carbon Footprint

Posted by Bryana on 9/13/2007 to Green Living

In her article, 50 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Diane Solomon cuts to the chase by simplifying ways EACH OF US can help cool down our earth. I say "our earth" because until we take personal responsibility we won't truly make change.

Cloth Diapers Make a Comeback Thanks to the Internet

Posted by Bryana on 9/11/2007 to Cloth Diaper News

Faye Butler is not the only momma that has said something like this:
"My impression of cloth diapers was always a faint memory of plain white flat cotton cloths and hot vinyl Gerber pants,"

In the last several years, we have heard those words over and over from mothers, fathers, and guardians who have stumbled upon our online cloth diaper store.

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