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Tangled Up in Blue (or Red or Green…)

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/14/2010 to Natural Parenting

I had the pleasure of running into an old friend I hadn't seen in years, and was introduced to her beautiful toddler girl. She looked absolutely adorable in her little pink dress, and when I said as much my friend rolled her eyes and sighed lightly. When she and her husband first learned they were having a girl she said, they'd swore not to make her a "pink" baby, but rather treat her to a wardrobe of varied colors to help express some individuality for their daughter.

Of course, at the baby shower she ended up unwrapping box after box of cute pink outfits. As it turns out, too, the girl favors the color herself, and expresses her independence by pitching a holy fit when Mom tries to dress her in something else.

For those who think an Ecological Footprint is a fungus...

Posted by Bryana on 8/6/2010 to Baby Wearing
Your Ecological Footprint basically measures your particular "impact" on the Earth. Parents teach their children that every decision has a direct or indirect consequence, whether good or bad. When the same logic is applied to using cloth diapers, or any of the other demands humanity makes on nature, the rationalizations begin.

Customize your diaper stash to meet your needs.

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 8/5/2010 to Getting Started
Great tips and tricks to read before beginning to invest in cloth diapers.  This post highlights what cloth diapers to buy and how many, in order to ensure that you end up with a cloth diaper stash that will suit your baby's needs.

Vacation Diaries: Creative Solutions

Posted by Bryana on 8/4/2010 to Cloth Diaper How-To

No matter how well you plan for a vacation, inevitably, you get to your destination and realize that you've forgotten something, or simply failed to anticipate all the possible scenarios that could play out.

This applies even more to bringing a baby with you whether they are cloth diapered or not. This summer, my little family has taken an inordinate amount of trips away from home and every time we go, we go with cloth diapers. In fact, I'm proud to report that not once, while away from home, has a nasty, chemical-ridden, plastic-y and loud disposable diaper touched my daughter's precious bum.

Was it difficult to use cloth? Maybe at times.
Worth it? Absolutely!

Diaper Wars - Pampers and Huggies battle it out

Posted by Bryana on 8/1/2010 to Cloth Diaper News

Beginning in 1960, and continuing to present day, a high-tech, top secret, expensive, yet lucrative, war has waged daily over the most innocent bystanders on the planet - babies.

Disposable diapers are a 7 billion dollar market, complete with extensive diaper labs and development centers, scientists, chemical engineers, seamstresses, and thousands of testers. Makes the cloth diaper industry seem a bit of an underdog, doesn't it? Gotta love the underdog.

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