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Cloth Baby Wipes; Cloth Wipe Solutions

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/17/2009 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Although my family quickly jumped on the cloth diaper band wagon, we were unaware of how economical cloth baby wipes were. It had not occurred to us, in our vast research on cloth diapers, to investigate about the use of cloth wipes.

Daycare and Cloth Diapers

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/10/2009 to Cost of Cloth Diapering

The purchase and use of cloth diapers helps to protect our planet. Many families also find cloth diapers more economical than disposable diapers. For others the use of cloth diapers may be due to fewer diaper rashes or allergies. Regardless of the reason families choose cloth diapers, one major obstacle can be "What to do about Daycare?"

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