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Pampering without Pampers

Posted by Bryana on 8/29/2007 to Getting Started

This week I was invited to a baby shower. As in the tradition of expectant mothers, a gift registry was made available at the nearby commercial baby stores or baby sections for me to select a gift to bring to the shower. I enjoy shopping for baby gifts. I remember my first child - my first baby shower. It was a magical time, a special time.

Potty Training is No Express Flight

Posted by Bryana on 8/13/2007 to Potty Training

We often get asked about Potty Training - or rather, HOW to Potty Train a child that has been cloth diapered. There are a gamut of questions that come from both sides of the cloth diapering spectrum; questions like "How will they know NOT to pee in their cotton training underwear when they've always peed and pooped in their cotton diapers?" to "Is it true that babies that have been cloth diapered potty train easier?"

The most useless, yet costly, nursery item you can buy

Posted by Bryana on 8/10/2007 to Green Living

Your friends are about to throw you a baby shower. You are so excited and hop off to your local baby supercenter to register. Maybe you go to two or three places, after all this is your first, second, or fifteenth baby and YOU NEED STUFF. It is an exciting time - a time for planning and implementing, and if you're like the majority of us, a time to save where you can.

Response to Confessions of a Cloth-Diapering Failure

Posted by Bryana on 8/8/2007 to Cloth Diaper News

This morning I read a very honest article, Confessions of a Cloth-Diapering Failure. Part of the business of promoting and selling cloth diapers, of course, is troubleshooting with customers when their cloth diapering experience doesn't measure up to their initial expectations.

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