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Daily Diapering: One mama uses cloth and disposables

Posted by CDB Guest on 6/29/2011 to Cloth vs. Disposables

Everyone has their reasons that got them started on cloth diapering. They can be the cost, the environment, what the baby’s skin is exposed to. In our house we do cloth diapers half the time and disposables half the time. So, what are the day-to-day comparisons of disposable vs cloth?

What's in your pockets?

Posted by Becca on 6/27/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

The great thing about pocket diapers is that they are so customizable.  A stuffable pocket leaves literally endless possibilities when it comes to your level and type of absorbency.  Of course, pocket diapers generally come with inserts, but you’re not limited to what comes with the diaper.   There are so many other wonderful options to choose from to maximize your pocket diaper’s effectiveness.

Are Newborn Cloth Diapers worth the investment?

Posted by CDB Guest on 6/19/2011 to Newborn Diapering

Newborn Cloth Diapers: Are They Worth the Investment?

My short and long answer to this would be, “Yes”. I didn’t start cloth diapering my daughter full-time until she was nearly two months old, so the dilemma of whether or not to purchase the itty bitty little creations was never one we were faced with.  Now that I feel cloth diapering is second-nature, I fully plan on starting it from day one with our next. Because of that, I have been conducting quite a bit of research on newborn diapers.

Battle of the Bulk, Is it really that big of a deal?

Posted by CDB Guest on 6/18/2011 to Getting Started

The most common complaint I hear about cloth diapers is the BULK.  When I first tell people that I cloth diaper my girls they often get a puzzled look on their face and then inevitably tell me they don’t want something that big.  I too had this preconceived notion when I first started cloth diapering.  I thought back to the day when thick prefolds were the only option, fastened with pins and then covered with tough plastic covers. I was very surprised, however, how little I noticed it when I actually started using the cloth diapers. The only time it seems to be that much bigger than the disposables is at night when I use cotton prefold and a staydry liner together.

All About Happy Heinys

Posted by Bryana on 6/17/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

If you are wondering what all the rage is about Happy Heinys cloth diapers, then there is quite a bit there. This article can help though. It will tell you all about Happy Heinys so you won’t be in the dark anymore and you will know why these diapers are so incredibly popular.

Where to Buy Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/10/2011 to Getting Started

Many people avoid cloth diapers not because they don’t like the idea, but because they don’t think that they can find them and the products needed for cloth diapering anywhere close to them. But there are actually many places that sell cloth diapers. This article will tell you where to buy cloth diapers.

Grovia Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/5/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Today, more and more people are becoming more concerned about the environment. If you are looking to do the best for the environment that you can while you are diapering your baby, then the Grovia diaper system is both a functional and environmentally conscious brand of cloth diaper that you will find it so hard not to love.

The Advantages of Cloth Diapering

Posted by Bridget on 6/5/2011 to Green Living

Cloth diapering may seem like a plan for your baby that is a little outdated and old, but there are still many advantages to this process for parents. If you are interested in switching to cloth diapers or using cloth diapers for your child, then this article can give you all of the benefits that you will gain from this process.

Connect With Cloth

Posted by Bryana on 6/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Considering cloth diapers for your baby? Excellent! We applaud your decision for your baby, for your family and for this green planet we all share. If you’re new to cloth diapering we want to welcome you into this community of parents by offering you all the support and cloth diaper coaching you might need to get started on this journey.

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