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05/31/13 FYSF, Win a Smart Bottoms Smart One AIO & Diaper Rite Wetbag!

Posted by Julie on 5/31/2013 to Contests & Giveaways
smat bottoms,smart one,cloth diaper,giveawaysToday's NEW Feed Your Stash Friday features a whole new product to Diaper Junction, the Smart Bottoms Smart One OS AIO Cloth Diaper!

Ready for your chance to learn more about it and possibly win one of your very own? (Read more...)

FYSF WInner, Two Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket DIapers!

Posted by Julie on 5/31/2013 to Contest Winners
Did you get a chance to enter last week's giveaway for TWO Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diapers? This is the winners announcement.

Read this post to find out who the lucky winner is!

Family Fitness: Re-cap! Looking back over the last six months.

Posted by Bert on 5/30/2013 to Family Fitness
family fitness,exercise,workoutDid you know that our Family Fitness is reaching its six months anniversary? It's crazy that we have weekly blog posts focused on everything health and fitness for your family.

I've loved writing this series for you and it's kept me honest about my own health and fitness which is good when you need a little kick in the pants to get out of bed in the morning. (Read more...)

Cloth Diaper Tip: Keeping extra travel sizes and samples on hand.

Posted by Julie on 5/28/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
sample,grovia,magic stick, sample sizesTravel sizes and sample sizes are often the way that we get to know a product before we buy it. Then you move on to buying the full size bottles or products.

However there are several reasons that keeping samples on hand makes sense and can save the day when you're in need.

Mom to Mom: Creative Date Nights

Posted by Becca on 5/27/2013 to Mom Madness

It was a couple of weeks after our daughter was born that it suddenly dawned on me that my husband and I hadn't had an adult conversation since we'd first laid eyes on her. We'd been so busy discussing nursing schedules, colic, and the best way to get her to sleep that having “our” time just didn't occur to us. Not having much money and being very over-protective and hesitant to leave our daughter with anyone else, we decided to do as much as we could to rectify this situation without having to be separated from our little girl or having to fork over our grocery budget to a baby sitter.

05/24/13 FYSF, Win TWO Tots Bots Easy Fit Cloth Diapers!

Posted by Julie on 5/24/2013 to Contests & Giveaways
tots bots,giveawayReady for another great weekly Feed Your Stash Friday giveaway? This week you can win (2) Tots Bots Cloth Diapers!

Read the blog post for complete details and enter to win these great cloth diapers!

FYSF WInner, Two Fuzzi Bunz Elite OS Diapers!

Posted by Julie on 5/24/2013 to Contest Winners
winnerDo you enter our weekly giveaways? This is our weekly winners announcement. Check to see if you're the lucky winner of last week's giveaway for two Fuzzi Bunz Elite OS Diapers!

The winner is...(Read more)

Diaper Pin Tricks for Cloth Diapering

Posted by Bert on 5/23/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
diaper pins,snappis,fasteners“I’m sorry but why on Earth would anyone choose to use diaper pins?” This is what I thought to myself tonight as I was thinking about my blogging friends that are participating in Dirty Diaper Laundry’s 3rd Annual Flats Challenge. Diaper pins are so archaic, right?


DIY Tutorial: Baby Doll Wrap

Posted by Becca on 5/22/2013 to Baby Wearing

I wore my daughter regularly until she was at least 18 months old. Even then, I wore her once in awhile--especially when she was particularly cranky. It was something I absolutely cherished. I loved having her cuddled close enough to me that I could feel her breathing and kiss her downy, soft head, but also have my hands free. It was also a good way to keep her inside my personal bubble and away from germy hands dying to touch her.

Cloth Diaper Tips: Flats and Handwashing Challenge

Posted by Becca on 5/21/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

My daughter is now 3 ½ which means it's been 1 ½ years since I've changed a diaper. I have to admit, I miss it, especially when I see things about the Great Cloth Diaper Change or Dirty Diaper Laundry's Flats and Handwashing Challenge going on. This spring marks the second that I won't be participating in any fun cloth diaper challenges, but I am definitely looking forward to experiencing them all again with a little boy this time next year.

Mom to Mom Monday: Try reusable menstrual products!

Posted by Julie on 5/20/2013 to Green Living
diva cup,menstrual cupCloth for baby, we love it and it makes perfect sense, but why don't more women choose reusable menstrual products for themselves as naturally as they choose the reusables for their child?

Personally I think there are a couple factors why we've chosen throw away tampons and maxi pads most of our lives. (Read more...)

We salute our Armed Forces and their families! Happy Armed Forces Day!

Posted by Diaper Junction Team on 5/18/2013 to Cloth Diaper News
armed forces day,military,armed forces,saluteHere at Diaper Junction the military means so much to us. Not only are Bryana and Robin, Diaper Junction's owners military daughters, they're married to men in the Armed Forces as well.

Situated in Virginia Beach, an area highly populated with Navy and Military families, (Read more...)

05/17/13 FYSF, Win (2) Fuzzi Bunz Elite One Size Cloth Diapers!

Posted by Julie on 5/17/2013 to Contests & Giveaways
fuzzi bunz,cloth diapersWe'd like to give you a chance to really feed your stash this week with TWO of the most popular cloth diapers ever made!

Fuzzi Bunz OS Pocket Diapers are literally, the Mother of all Modern Cloth Diapers. You will love these.

FYSF Winner, Quinn by Rumparooz and Diaper Rite Cloth Wipes

Posted by Julie on 5/17/2013 to Contest Winners
winnerReady to see who won last week's giveaway for the NEW "Quinn" print cloth diaper by Rumparooz?

We had a lot of entries but there could only be one winner. Read more...

Family Fitness: Do you need a pep talk?

Posted by Bert on 5/16/2013 to Family Fitness
marathonThis past Saturday I accomplished something I never dreamed was possible: I finished a half marathon. I ran (and walked some) 13.1 miles for 2 hours and 32 minutes. Even as I write this I'm shocked by it.

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