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Make your own fitted diaper!

Posted by Bryana on 1/31/2007 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

Cloth diaper covers, styles and fabrics

Posted by Bryana on 1/29/2007 to Getting Started

When it comes to selecting cloth diaper covers we are often contacted with queries and general confusion about how to choose between the various styles and fabrics. Knowing that everyone comes into cloth diapering with differing levels of knowledge, we want to clear it up a bit for you here. Consider this your guide to cloth diaper cover styles and fabrics.

"I made a difference to that one!"

Posted by Bryana on 1/26/2007 to Cloth vs. Disposables

When it comes to making smarter decisions for our Earth, cloth diapering ranks high. Disposable diapers are the 3rd largest single consumer item in landfills, and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste. No small beans.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/18/2007 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
If you haven't already, consider the benefits of fitted cloth diapers for your baby. Your baby is absolutely kissable, yes? Then, your diapers should be as well.

Time for a Change at YouTube!

Posted by Bryana on 1/17/2007 to Cloth Diaper Videos

Time For A Change presents the benefits of using modern cloth diapers (nappies) instead of disposable diapers.

Grow a greener family

Posted by Bryana on 1/16/2007 to Green Living

Kaara and Chris Smith (center) with their children Will, Noah, Zoe and River, use environmentally friendly products and practices in their Laurel home.

Natural Diapers without Gel

Posted by Bryana on 1/15/2007 to Cloth vs. Disposables

Have you ever found yourself wiping shiny gel-like crystals off your baby’s bottom when changing a disposable diaper?

Diaper recycling proposal pitched

Posted by Bryana on 1/12/2007 to Cloth Diaper News
Nanaimo company seeks provincial help and money to establish a system to divert soiled diapers from the Island’s landfills. Initial figures suggest that the cost of recycling used disposable diapers would be $50 to $75 per year for a client with a single infant.

Cloth Diaper How To's: What are prefolds, fitted diapers, all-in-ones,...?

Posted by Bryana on 1/8/2007 to Getting Started
With all the choices available in cloth diapering, it can be a bit confusing, perhaps even overwhelming when you are first tackling the job of stocking up for your little one. Before making your selection, you first need to recognize the difference between the types of cloth diapers and how each type of cloth diaper fits your baby's needs. Here we'll outline the difference between prefolds, fitted diapers and all-in-ones.

Cloth Diapering How To: Changing a Baby's Diaper

Posted by Bryana on 1/7/2007 to Getting Started
Our quick tricks make it easy to change a baby's diaper.

Organize your diaper changing table

  • Keep clean diapers and wipes within reach, along with spray or diaper cream.
  • Store diapers in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a basket. A basket is a nice place to keep cloth diapers.
  • With a basket you don’t need to fold prefolds or fitted diapers since most cloth diaper folding can be done in a few seconds during changes. Plus, you can easily pick up the basket and move diaper changing duty anywhere in the house.
  • Protect the changing table with an absorbent or waterproof pad.
  • Make the area interesting for your toddler. If you have a mobile, look at it from below. What does your baby see?
  • Put the a flip-top diaper pail within arm’s reach so you can toss the wet diaper away without letting go of your baby.

Potty Training Toddlers

Posted by Bryana on 1/6/2007 to Potty Training

Get Ready, Get Set...

Are you ready for potty training? Is your toddler ready? Our advice .. dont start too soon or at a stressful time in your life or in your toddlers life.

Your toddler needs to be ready both body and mind

Not all children will experience the same level of bladder control at the same age, so you will need to trust your toddlers judgment. This may become an exercise in your own readiness to let go of your babys dependence and accept a degree of independence from your toddler.

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