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Cloth diapering is a SNAP with Snappis!

Posted by Bryana on 12/31/2009 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Delivering the comfort of cloth

Posted by CDB Guest on 12/23/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

It is always encouraging to hear about new and thriving cloth diaper services. Friday, Amanda Lucci, a StarNews Correspondent for the Wilmington Star News, featured Green Baby Diaper Service, owned by a mother-daughter team, Polly Buskirk and Liz Soffera.

Green Baby Diaper Service, based in Wilmington, NC, provides start-up instructions and resources for cloth diapering, as well as a delivery or drop-off cleaning service for those using cloth diapers. They service the surrounding counties of Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender.

1,000 Sign Tax Break Petition for Cloth Diaper Users

Posted by Bryana on 12/16/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

Nichole McLeod and Julie Adamson of Happy Nappy Diaper Service serving customers from North Vancouver to Chilliwack, are committed to cloth diapers; they think the government should be as well. These two entrepreneurs are lobbying the federal government to give a tax break for families using cloth diapers. The want this tax credit to include both families who use a cloth diaper service or those that wash them at home.

Would you forego cloth wipes for toilet paper?

Posted by CDB Guest on 12/9/2009 to Green Living

In TIME's 2009 Best & Worst Lists Dan Fletcher listed reusable cloth toilet wipes as one of the Top 10 Odd Environmental Ideas. According to Fletcher, "Environmental experts recently called toilet paper 'one of the greatest excesses of our age,' leading to suggestions that Americans adopt reusable cloth toilet wipes as an environmentally friendly alternative."

A Clean Agenda from Dirty Deeds

Posted by CDB Guest on 12/9/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

Guy Quenneville of the Northern News Service published an interesting article, Dirty Deeds offers Clean Agenda, about Elsbeth Fielding and her new cloth diaper service, Dirty Deeds Diaper Service. The business now a year old, Fielding supplies new mothers with cloth diapers on a weekly basis.

Wanting to cut down on waste this one woman show decided the landfills were already full enough - she simply did not want to keep adding more.

Try Cloth Diapers at NO RISK!

Posted by Bryana on 12/2/2009 to Getting Started

If you've ever considered cloth diapers, but were a little scared of the initial investment, we have an ideal set-up for you to try cloth diapers over at Diaper Junction!

A good selection of our cloth diaper inventory is available for you to try at absolutely NO RISK to your wallet!

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