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Bum Genius Deluxe All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Posted by Bryana on 11/19/2009 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
A Diaper Junction customer, Jackie, shares her review of BumGenius AIO diapers and Babylegs which she won in our weekly Cloth Diaper Giveaway series, Feed Your Stash Friday!

Cloth Diapering Tip #2: Growth Spurts

Posted by Bryana on 11/11/2009 to Troubleshooting

You bring baby home from the hospital excited to begin cloth diapering right away. A few days go by and feel certain your cloth diapers are working out as you hoped. A few days later…"BAM!"

All of a sudden your diapers are leaking and you can’t figure out why. You ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong?", "Are these diapers no good?", "Do I have detergent build up?", "Is that even possible? These are brand new diapers!"

Stocking Cloth Baby Diapers

Posted by CDB Guest on 11/7/2009 to Getting Started

On Friday we posted about how to build a cloth diaper stash, most specifically, Emi of The Cloth Diaper Report's question, "How did you decide on what styles and brands of diapers to purchase.".

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